Paint me like one of your French Girls

#16 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers
24-9 (12-6, 3rd in Big South)

How did they get here?
Coastal won the Big South tournament as a three seed. Nobody in the Big South is very good, so who cares anyway. A couple of years ago everyone got all excited about Winthrop but they only won one dang game as an #11 seed and it was and still is the only time the Big South ever won a game in the tournament, unless you count the First Four which I definitely do not.

Who is their best player?
Senior guard Warren Gillis leads the Chanticleers in points and assists and is second in minutes per game, so I guess he’s probably their best player. If you want to keep an eye out for him, he’s #0, which coincidentally is the percentage chance that CCU will win this game.

Can the Chanticleers beat Wisconsin?

What the heck is a Chanticleer anyway?
It’s a god danged rooster.

What is the best case scenario?
The Badgers stretch out a 30 point lead at half time and Zac Showalter gets to play some significant minutes in the second half because dang it, he’s earned it. The lead becomes so insurmountable that Bo lets Trae Jackson have a couple minutes even though they said he wasn’t going to play, and he looks good to go.

What is the worst case scenario?
The Badgers have another day where they only play well in the second half, and Coastal takes a small lead into the locker room, like they did last year against Virginia. The Badgers get it together in the second half and only win by 20.

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  1. Romaine beidelman

    good article learned something


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