The Wildcats used to dress like this on purpose. No one even made them do it.

The Wildcats used to dress like this on purpose. No one even made them do it.

#1 Kentucky WIldcats
38-0 (18-0, 1st in SEC)

How did they get here?
Just what in the sam heck are you askin’ me that for, you some kind of dummy? Well guess what if you never lose any games I guess that means you’ll be in the Final Four. Kentucky put the boots to #16 Hampton and #8 Cincinnati, medium style, to make the second weekend. Then some jabroni that plays for #5 West Virginia went and guaranteed victory over Kentucky, forgetting that you definitely should not anger the frickin’ Terminator, so the WIldcats doubled up the Moutaineers just for laughs. They won a classic over #3 Notre Dame to punch their ticket to in de Annapolis.

Who is their best player?
Take your dang pick. You can’t really go wrong with either of the dudes with three names, Willie Caulie-Stein and Karl-Anthony Towns. Or you can go with either one of the Harrison twins, Aaron and Andrew, although you just better not because I sure do not like them. Their best player is probably ‘depth’: the Wildcats have eight players that average more than 20 minutes per game (though one of those is Alex Poythress, who was lost for the season in December).

Can the Wildcats beat Wisconsin?
Yeah duh of course they can, what’re ya asking me all these silly questions for? The Wildcats are the best darn team in the country, it’ll be really hard for the Badgers to win this game. But they just might do it: Kentucky is long and tall and have been dominating their opponents with size, but WIsconsin is long and tall as well. This game features the best offense in the nation against the best defense in the nation and I think it’s just gonna be a really great game that Wisconsin will win.

Hey Travis, the WIldcats sure are good. Do you think they could beat the Philadelphia 76ers?
No stop that right now, what in the world is wrong with you? Kentucky has probably seven or eight future NBA players, some of them might be good but who knows, none of them have ever played in the NBA before. The Sixers have 12 NBA players because they are an NBA team. If they played a seven game series Philadelphia would win all seven games by 30.

What is the best case scenario?
The Badgers put a gosh darn whoopin’ on those good ol’ Kentucky boys, cruising to a 12 point win and earning a championship game rematch against Duke, because I hate Michigan St., get real.

What is the worst case scenario?
Kentucky sticks Badgers fans with a heartbreaking loss, as Aaron Harrison drills another impossible three with time running out to send Wisconsin home saying, “What if,” for the second consecutive year.

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