FAQs for People Who are Trying to Argue With Me on the Internet


I am not a laid-back individual.

This is something you may have noticed about me. If I disagree with someone, I will usually tell them. Loudly, bluntly, and without reservation, whether you’re an acquaintance or a dear, personal friend. For both of those types of folks, I have created this FAQ about my feelings about certain things. I will add to and subtract from this FAQ periodically as things become more and/or less relevant to the realm of current events. If you have been directed here by a link that I posted, please refer to the number that I mentioned in posting the link — but feel free to browse the entire FAQ if you wish.

1) It’s fine if you do not think it is a good idea for Milwaukee to build an arena for the Bucks. It might be a good fiscal move, and it might not. I do not know because I am not an economist and I do not have all the facts. Neither are you, and neither do you. I want them to build it because I want my basketball team to stay in Milwaukee. That is the only reason, and it is selfish. There are all sorts of things that I don’t use/care about that I still pay for with my tax dollars. We all just have to deal with that, because we live in a society and that’s the way it is.

2) I am not saying that all police are bad. To echo Donald Trump’s views of the Mexican population in the United States, “I’m sure some of them are good people”. When I say things like, “Hey, maybe that police officer shouldn’t have shot that unarmed black person because he might have committed an non-violent crime,” or “Hey, maybe it was wrong for that policeman to wrestle that woman to the ground and arrest her because she didn’t want put her cigarette out,” please stop setting up the Straw Man argument that I hate all police, that I think your friend Paul the Nice Police Officer Who Never Does Anything Wrong is a jerk,  that I am condoning violence against police, or anything of that nature. Please take my anger at face value, and stop projecting my frustration with the actions of the police officer(s) directly involved in the incident on the population of law enforcement as a whole. Your weird position of defending a murderous and/or out of control police officer in the name of protect the good names of some nebulous group of people that I’m not disparaging is discomforting and I would like you to stop.

3) Yes, I do think the Cardinals are the worst and that all of their fans are also the worst. This also applies to Seahawks fans and anyone from Boston. If you don’t like it then quit being a fan of those teams because they are objectively the worst and that is a fact.

4) It doesn’t matter that the Bible says that being gay is wrong, because it doesn’t matter what the Bible says about anything ever when it comes time to make some laws. If you don’t think it’s “right” for gay people to get married, then don’t go to their weddings, don’t let them get married in your church, and you can’t wear any clothes from anywhere except Farm and Fleet from now on. It doesn’t affect you. Most of the gay folks don’t think it’s “right” for you to cut your hair like that but they aren’t trying to make your mullet illegal because they aren’t jerks.

5) No one should have any guns. I don’t think all gun owners are bad or irresponsible. But facts tell us that other countries that have banned and/or restricted guns have significantly decreased their crime rates. In Japan, where it is nigh impossible to legally obtain a gun, they have a 0.3/100,000 murder per capita rate, and no one has been shot by a police officer since 2012. That is the 5th lowest of all countries for which such information is available. By contrast, the United States has 4.7 murders/100,000 people, which ranks them among Niger, Yemen, and a host of other third world countries. Unfortunately, we have to make laws to protect us from the few people who do use things inappropriately, which is why we also have to ban and/or restrict alcohol, drugs, etc.

6)I don’t care about your baby, I don’t care about anyone’s baby unless the baby is related to me. Babies are useless. They can’t carry on any kind of decent conversation, they don’t even know how to work a toilet, you have to carry them around everywhere because they can’t feed themselves or even walk and they’re always crying. It’s really good that you care about your baby, because someone definitely should care about it and I am not going to. Just don’t  be offended if I don’t want to see 12 videos of him doing some super easy shit like rolling around on the floor. Everyone can do that. Now if he’s doing some cool shit like drilling threes while blindfolded or playing the piano really well, definitely show me that video.

7) It doesn’t matter what [Skip Bayless/Colin Cowherd/Jay Mariotti/Other Old White Upper-Class Sports Talker] said. He said that so that you would get upset and talk about him for several days, and now that is what you are doing. If you stop paying attention to him he will go away.

8) Just because I disagree with you about something doesn’t mean that I think you are a jerk. I might think that you are a jerk, but my disagreement with you probably doesn’t have anything to do with that. I think sometimes people aren’t jerks can act like jerks, either because they get carried away with an argument and end up saying something they didn’t really intend, or because they just aren’t that well informed. I love you even if I think that you are wrong.

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