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The Only 50 Shades of Grey Recap You Need

God bless you, Derek, you wonderful bastard. Stay tuned for the review of 50 Shades Darker, coming soon.

Merry Christmas, Packers fans.

2015 hasn’t exactly been the greatest year for Packers fans so far, but strap on your party hats (don’t wear cheeseheads. don’t ever wear a cheesehead), Packers fans:

Our six year long statewide nightmare is finally over as Jones joins the two other NFC Championship Game special teams goats, Brandon Bostick and Shaun Slocum, with a pink slip of his own. 15 minutes after the news was announced, “LB Brad Jones” was the 4th highest treding topic on Twitter dot com in the entire dang United States. Let the fire takes parade commence: